Congrats B&C Services on winning the EDGE Award!

B&C Services is a 34-year old heavy truck repair company. When the recession hit, owner Darrell Crabtree found himself in need of assistance. This led him to the East Central ISBDC in July of 2011, where a Business Advisor worked with Darrell to develop an action plan to address all immediate needs. Once the pressure was alleviated, the EC-ISBDC helped the company through a strategic design process, allowing Darrell to identify long and short-term goals. In addition to helping with strategic planning, the EC-ISBDC was able to provide the business owner with financial templates, Quickbooks training, and market reports like ProfitCents. This helped position B&C Services to move forward and take advantage of opportunities in their market and beyond.

The effort of Darrell’s hard work is paying off. In 2012, he increased his sales by 25 percent and was able to retain all seven of his employees. In the truck repair industry, businesses are often unwilling to adapt to the altered business environment which is now the “new normal”. Because of Darrell’s proactive approach, he was able to save his business and is positioned for additional sales growth in 2013.